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Ground based simplicity with TMA performance

AmpLink™ products provide duplexing and uplink enhancement for PCS and AWS base stations. By integrating STI’s proprietary low-loss duplexers and class-leading low noise amplifiers (LNAs) into a single unit, the AmpLink™ allows wireless operators to deploy fast and efficient PCS and AWS networks and overlays using “zoning-friendly” solutions while enhancing network quality.

AmpLink™ products are available in various configurations

>  For convenient installation in the BTS equipment rack for indoor systems
>  Uses NEMA 4x enclosure for ground-based installation
>   “Plug and play” integration
Key Benefits and Features:

>  Reduction in dropped and blocked calls
>  Increased capacity utilization, improved coverage, and higher data throughput
>  No tower leasing and no tower loading required
>  Simplified operations with Op-Ex dollars saved

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