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Sapphire Cryocooler
Compact Cryogenic Cooler

STI’s Sapphire Cryocooler is a compact, high performance and extremely reliable cryocooler. Using an integral-free piston Stirling cycle design, the cryocooler is currently used to cool high temperature superconducting (HTS) materials in STI’s SuperLink® product - a high performance receiver used in the telecommunications industry. Sapphire has a field-proven Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) of well over one million hours with over 6,000 units deployed, logging over 250 million cumulative run-time hours. Sapphire is available for sale for a variety of applications demanding compact size, high performance and extreme reliability.

Some applications include the following:
>  Gas liquefaction
>  Medical and diagnostic equipment
>  Computer CPUs
>  Low noise Radio Frequency (RF) communication receivers
>  Biological cooling
>  Laboratory cryostats
Key Benefits and Features:
>  MTBF > 1,000,000 hours based on field-proven data
>  Greater than 250 Million cumulative run-time hours
>  More than 6,000 in field running 24/7
>  Maintenance free
>  Small and compact
>  Low residual vibration
>  Hermetically sealed

Product Datasheet
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