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SuperLink® 700
Superconducting Cryogenic Receiver Front-End
Only STI can solve all of LTE’s uplink challenges simultaneously

Unique to 700 MHz in the U.S., high-power, near-band transmit signals, in close proximity to LTE receive channels, present a difficult interference environment. Without proper attention, wireless carrier’s significant LTE investment could be compromised.

STI can address these issues using SuperLink®700. This ultra-low-loss receiver uses a proprietary brickwall filter which eliminates interference, allows for more usable spectrum, and maximizes the base station receiver’s signal to noise ratio.

SuperLink®700 uses the same technology as the field-proven SuperLink®850, which has been deployed in over 6,000 wireless base stations for tier one carriers since 1999, running 24/7 with an MTBF of over 1 million hours.

Key Benefits and Features:

>  Interference elimination and increased sensitivity
>  Allows carriers to add 8% or more usable resource blocks and capacity, valued at hundreds of millions of dollars
>  Strengthens the receiver’s signal to noise ratio, which can translate into 10 - 15% or more increased base station coverage area and data throughput

Product Datasheet

Download SuperLink 700 Data Sheet

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