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SuperLink® 850
Superconducting Cryogenic Receiver Front-End

SuperLink® combines a specialized filter using patented high-temperature superconductor (HTS) technology with a proprietary cryogenic cooler and a low-noise amplifier. The result is the ultimate uplink: a highly compact and reliable cryogenic receiver front-end (CRFE) that simultaneously delivers both high selectivity and high sensitivity. SuperLink® gives wireless end-users the quality of service they demand, and gives operators the ability to do more with existing infrastructure. Coverage and capacity utilization can be maximized without adding new cell sites, even in hostile RF environments such as urban settings.
Key Benefits and Features:

>  Interference elimination and increased sensitivity
>  Greater than 250 Million cumulative run-time hours
>  Increased capacity, improved coverage, and higher data throughput
>  MTBF greater than 500,000 hours based on field data
>  Greater than 230 million cumulative run-time hours
>  Over 6,000 units deployed running 24/7

Product Datasheet
Download Superlink 850 Data Sheet Download SuperLink 850 Data Sheet