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Antenna sharing without compromise

Designed for fast, cost-effective deployment, STI’s SuperPlex® line of multiplexing solutions reduce the need for additional antennas and coaxial cable feed lines, while providing superior functionality in both the 850 MHz cellular band and the 1900 MHz PCS band. These products provide very low transmit and receive insertion loss while providing excellent cross-band isolation. Our High Q duplexer is a full band, low loss device providing duplexing functionality for both Cellular bands. Since the device covers both A and B bands, only one product type is required, reducing the number of product variations on site.

Low Insertion Loss and high isolation duplexers and multiplexers

STI’s ETR-Duplexer for Enhanced Transmit Rejection solution provides cellular B band duplexing combined with a high order transmit filter to prevent noise emission problems at 896 MHz. The SuperPlex® 1-1900 is a low loss triplexer that provides duplexing functionality at 850MHz, while simultaneously providing duplexing functionality with Cellular 850MHz and PCS. This solution reduces the number of coaxial cable feeds, and minimizes transmit power loss.
Key Benefits and Features:

>  Sharp rejection at 896 MHz - eliminate all emitted noise problems
>  Convenient installation options
>  Ultra-low passband insertion losses (0.3dB typical)
>  High power, up to 10kW
>  Optimal cross-band isolation & rejection (90dB typical)
>  Reduces number of antennas and coax cable runs
>  Different solutions to fit all networks

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